Safety Equipment Supplier With Over 20 Years of OEM Experience

One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety equipment in China since 1987. As a professional China PPE supplier, we can supply safety shoes, work boots, coveralls, FR coveralls, helmets, glasses, safety gloves and safety masks.

Our Approach to Safety Shoes is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Users

Shandong Fengdun Leather Shoes Co., Ltd. was established in June 2005 through Gaomi County Fengdun Shoes Factory and Weifang City Fengdun Shoes Factory. It is one of the earliest manufacturing companies in Gaomi City. The company covers an area of 19,800 square meters , with a construction area of 10,000 square meters, fixed assets of 60 million yuan, tax payments of over CNY10 million, and nearly 1,000 employees. The company mainly produces all kinds of work shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, safety shoes, and labor protection shoes. The products are mainly sold to Europe, America, the Middle East, South Korea and other countries and regions. Top 50 in the national labor insurance industry, owns a municipal shoe technology center and a safety shoe engineering laboratory, with an annual sales revenue of more than 200 million yuan, and is the main production partner of WOLVERINE and SKECHERS in China’s shoe production base. The company has been committed to the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and the promotion of machine replacement, and has achieved remarkable results, and the production efficiency has been continuously improved.

Our Inspiration

Seeing the “Capitalism theory” taking its toll on the newly emerging and fledgling brands in the market, Shandong Fengdun decided to take it upon themselves to turn the tables once and for all; helping small businesses to battle head to head with other giant brands in the market with their minimal yet fruitful resources!

Once the developing brands lay their foundations on strong grounds from the very get go, the process will definitely help achieve the following three-fold objectives:

  • To be a conscience enterprise, to be a rest assured enterpris
  • Tolerance, trustworthiness, high-efficiency, strong figure
  • Innovation and development, integrity wins the world

What can Custom Safety Shoes do for your brand?

Shandong Fengdun supplies companies and businesses with steel-toe shoes, Kevlar insole shoes, PU-backed shoes, and other safety shoes for all industries.
Our range of safety shoes includes anti-slip and oil-resistant footwear for the food industry, anti-puncture shoes for the construction industry, and more. Check out our catalog to find what fits your business or workplace needs.
Providing innovative safety shoes meet international standards

Shandong Fengdun has been providing the best regarding safety shoe comfort, protection, and durability. Our safety shoes and work boots conform to various international protection standards, including S3, ESD, SRC, and other criteria.

We are a safety shoes company that you can rely on for the protection of your workers. Our factory uses comprehensive processes that involve different departments and skilled experts. We also utilize both machines and handwork to ensure flawless footwear for our customers.

Our Vision

While visioning the upshot of our projects and partnerships, we picture Shandong Fengdun living the following scenario: “ Having provided intelligent and successful packaging solutions and consultations to a ton of different brands and companies, Shandong Fengdun stands as the most trustworthy market leader in the competitive and ever challenging industry of Safety Shoes firm! ”

Our Certificate

We have CE EN11612 certificate for safety coverall and UL, CEN EN20345 certificate for safety shoes, Almost all of our safety PPE items meet EN quality requirements.

We use quality control methods that are thorough to ensure we are providing footwear that guarantees both function and long life. Our aim at Shandong Fengdun is ensuring your employees are adequately protected at the workplace.

Best Safety Shoes from the Best Safety Shoes Manufacturer


We offer 60% better rates than our competitors.


We offer 60% better rates than our competitors.

Quality Control

We offer 60% better rates than our competitors.

Better Rates

We offer 60% better rates than our competitors.

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    ISO Certification

    Our safety shoes and work boots comply with international workplace safety standards. We are ISO9001 certified, ASTM certified, and CE certified. We also have a professional QC team inspects all safety footwear before being packed and shipped to clients.

    our factory
    Customization Unlimited
    Competitiveness High
    Premium Outlook
    Product Quality


    Custom Safety Shoes​

    Shandong Fengdun helps you develop personalized safety shoes for your workplace safety needs. Choose from different colors, designs, and materials for a product that matches your specified requirements.
    Cleab® A19801 PU outsole safety shoes anti static work shoes (5)


    Safety Shoes Manufacturing

    We only utilize tested materials that pass quality approval by our experts. Our QC teams also ensure safe footwear that complies with internal and international PPE protection standards.


    Safety Shoes Wholesale

    We receive bulk orders for safety shoes from around the world. Take advantage of Aimboo wholesale prices to ensure your workers are adequately protected or to expand your safety footwear business.


    Fast Delivery

    We have a professional team that can arrange the production as soon as possible after receiving your order.

    Some Inspirations

    Shandong Fengdun safety shoes company is trusted by 900+ top businesses and companies from all over the world. We provide safety shoes and boots that offer specialized protection based on the type of working environment.

    Put your safety first with Shandong Fengdun safety shoes! Options include steel toe cap boots, non-slip shoes, and anti-static shoes. Our raw materials include anti-puncture Kevlar and tear-resistant leather for excellent feet protection.

    Beat The Competition

    With Shandong Fengdun

    Shandong Fengdun Company is your reliable safety equipment supplier and manufacturer in China. We have exported different safety shoes and safety boots to more than 30 countries, such as the USA, Germany, UK, Greece, France, Austria, Middle East and Africa countries etc We mainly do OEM services for safety shoes orders. We can supply steel toe safety shoes, steel toe gumboots, chef safety shoes, rigger safety boots, and Goodyear welt safety boots etc. We can add your logo to the safety boots. But please note that our MOQ usually is 500pcs per style. If your quantity does not meet our minimum quantity order, we will not be able to supply you.

    Industry Expert for Every Job

    Industry Expert for Every Job A dedicated expert is assigned to each project specialized to that specific industry.

    Perfection in Packaging at the best rates

    Looking forward to standing out among contenders? IBEX Packaging is with you!

    Free Quote & Consultations

    Customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any info, queries, order tracking & more.

    Quality Control

    From designing, planning & production to timely delivery, every step of our process reaches completion.

    Beat The Competition

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For our safety shoes order minimum order quantity need 500 pairs per style. for trail order we can accept as 500 pairs per style. we have not stock, all safety shoes need new produce after you place order.

    we are the manufacturer of safety shoes. Our factory located in 1338 Pingan Avenue, Gaomi City, Shandong. We already have more than 35 years of experience of exporting safety shoes to more than 30 countries.

    For safety shoes order delivery time depend on the quantity. usually for one 20ft container quantity about 3300 pairs need 30-40 days after you place order. if you have special time request pls tell us.

    Yeap, we have more than 35 years OEM experience. we can add your own logo or brand label on the safety shoes. for the quantity need meet our MOQ request.

    For our company payment term mainly is TT 30% deposit the balance money by copy of BL at sight and LC st sight. if you become our old client we also can do DP or OA 30 days.

    Yes. we can produce one pair safety shoes sample for you to check quality and style. usually for one style is free for you. your company only undertake courier charges.

    Your Reliable goodyear safety boots Supplier in China

    Shandong Fengdun company is a reliable safety equipment supplier and manufacturer in China. We have exported steel toe and Goodyear welt safety boots to more than 30 countries, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, France, Austria, the Middle East, and Africa. Goodyear safety boot OEM services are mainly what we do. The shoes can be customized with your logo. We can provide steel-toe Goodyear boots, rubber sole safety boots, PVC rain boots, rigger safety boots, and military boots. However, our MOQ is usually 1000 pairs per style. If your quantity cannot meet our MQO, we will not be able to supply you. Shandong Fengdun Work Boots Standards All our work boots and other PPE shoes are manufactured in accordance with international standards like:
    • ANSI & ASTM standards for safety footwear
    • ISO9001: 2008 (Quality Management System)
    • CE Standards for Personal Protective Equipment.
    • AS/NZS 2210:3:2019 standards

    Happy Customers

    Shandong Fengdun has been helping thousands of businesses globally achieve their organizational goals to become a brand through great safety shoes options. We prepare custom safety shoes that exceed your expectations and grab your customers’ attention to convince them to buy your products instantly.

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